SprayMopp Drizz 40cm

COD: 2123


The SprayMopp Drizz handle includes a 500ml refillable spray bottle and Velcro mop head for Go40 cloths.




SoftTouch spray nozzle
Special ergonomic DRiZZ® handle for easy management of the system, integrated wall protection.
High-quality aluminium alloy handle, dimensionally stable.
Pressure bottle: just a few pump strokes are enough to build the pressure. Bottle empties completely. Replacement with a simple rotary movement.
Shock-proof plastic. Protected stainless steel pin for constant fluid delivery.
Flat and elegant design. SpotPoint for increased pressure when removing stubborn dirt. Optimal spray angle. Velcro strips specifically designed for a perfect fit with ClaraClean® high performance fabrics.
500ml refillable spray bottle
Water release button at the top of the handle
Protected stainless steel pin for constant fluid delivery with optimal spray angle.

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