ClaraClean SX120

ClaraCleanGo Suitable for Combi-Cleaner Drizz and all Velcro holders 40 cm, color coding with sewn-on fabric labels.

Destinazione d'uso

The unique combination of ClaraClean microfibers removes organic and microbiological dirt quickly and effectively.

ClaraClean mop covers glide excellently on practically all floor coverings and leave a perfect cleaning result.

Due to the outstanding mechanical properties alone, ClaraClean damages the cell wall of the
microorganisms remaining on the surface . This primarily damages the lipid membrane and
radically affects viability . The cell fluid
runs out, the cell nucleus dies. In addition, the disinfectant or cleaning agent used works more efficiently.
The result is an effective, germ-free cleaning and a simple and safe achievement of the desired hygiene result.
ClaraClean thus makes a contribution to avoiding multi-resistant pathogens. ClaraClean also meets the high environmental standards of the Nordic Swan environmental label.
ClaraClean is suitable for all cleaning methods. Especially for spray cleaning and cleaning with pre-moistened mop covers.