ClaraClean® changes the concept of traditional cleaning by replacing the chemical action of detergents with the mechanical action of the fabric.


It contributes to a high saving of water, energy and chemicals.


The secret lies in the dry impregnation system, a ClaraClean® patented technology that allows the detergent to be fixed to 100% of the fabric surface.

How it works

The water looses
the fibers

ClaraClean® exploits the washing of the cloths to apply its products. At the end of the washing, the fibers are loose and completely soaked in water.

The fixative
comes in

This facilitates the absorption of the CI fixative, which is introduced into the washing machine in very small quantities thanks to the dosage unit, covering 100% of the surface.

The detergent fully
covers the cloth

The dosage unit releases another small amount of specific detergent (with different pH according to the surface to be washed).
After impregnation, the cloths are dried and stored.

cleaning system

Advantages of ClaraClean®

Reduction of chemical products
Cloths use a very low percentage of detergent, exploited to the maximum

High hygienic quality
The microfibre with high cleaning power is fully exploited by collecting more dirt

Reduction of working times
The pre-impregnation phase is eliminated because it is contextual to washing

More safety
Reduction of chemical risks and accidents

Minimum storage space
You just need the space for impregnated cloths

Reduction of water consumption
No buckets to be loaded on the trolley, the surfactants are activated with a few sprays of water

Disposable or Reusable!

ClaraClean® Go!
Dryloaded disposable cleaning textiles. Ready to use: only add water and clean!

ClaraClean® Reload
Washable and re-usable. The same cleaning power for over 700 washes.

ClaraClean® Transport!
For the transport and use of humidified
ClaraClean textiles: a special cart to organize the entire cleaning process.



ClaraClean® textiles are available in various confection styles for different types of cleaning frames.


The exclusive spraymop that allows you to clean with a simple touch. With internal or external tank.


Choose the right product for any type of surface. There is a broad range of liquids: alcalic or acid with or without perfumes.


Touch System and System Process Control: smart accessories that make your cleaning routine even more efficient.

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